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Ben Highton -- Publications and Papers


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  Highton, B., E. McGhee, and J. Sides.  2015.  "Election Lab Post-Mortem."  PS: Political Science and Politics 48:298-299.

  Highton, B., E. Schickler, and N. Wolfinger. 2015. “In Memoriam: Raymond E. Wolfinger.” PS: Political Science and Politics 3:532-534.

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  Buttice, M. and B. Highton.  2013.  "How Does Multilevel Regression and Poststratification Perform with Conventional National Surveys?"  Political Analysis 21:449-467.  [Critical exchange with Ghitza, Lax, and Phillips here.]

  Highton, B.  2012.  "Updating Political Evaluations: Policy Attitudes, Partisanship, and Presidential Assessments." Political Behavior 34:57-78.

  Highton, B.  2012.  "Sorting the American States into Red and Blue: Culture, Economics, and the 2012 US Presidential Election in Historical Context." The Forum 10:11-19.

Sniderman, P. and B. Highton, eds. 2011.  Facing the Challenge of Democracy: Explorations in the Analysis of Public Opinion and Political Participation. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.   <Table of Contents> <Princeton Press>  <Amazon>

  Highton, B. and C. Kam.  2011.  "The Long-Term Dynamics of Partisanship and Issue Orientations."  Journal of Politics 73:202-215.

  Highton, B.  2011.  "The Influence of Strategic Retirement on the Incumbency Advantage in U.S. House Elections."  Journal of Theoretical Politics 23:431-447. 

  Highton, B. 2011.  "Prejudice Rivals Partisanship and Ideology when Explaining the 2008 Presidential Vote across the States." PS: Political Science and Politics  44:530-535.

  Highton, B.  2010.  "The Contextual Causes of Issue and Party Voting in American Presidential Elections."  Political Behavior 32:453-471. 

  Highton, B.  2009.  "Revisiting the Relationship between Educational Attainment and Political Sophistication."  Journal of Politics 71:1564-1576.

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  Highton, B.  2008.  “Job Approval and Senate Election Outcomes in the United States.”  Legislative Studies Quarterly 33:245-262.

  Claassen, R. and B. Highton. 2006. “Does Policy Debate Reduce Information Effects in Public Opinion? Analyzing the Evolution of Public Opinion on Health Care.” Journal of Politics 68:410-420.

  Highton, B. 2006. “Long Lines, Voting Machine Availability, and Turnout: The Case of Franklin County, Ohio in the 2004 Presidential Election.” PS: Political Science and Politics 39:65-8.

  Highton, B.  2006.  “Alternative Tests for the Effects of Campaigns and Candidates on Voting Behavior.”  In Capturing Campaign Effects, H. Brady and R. Johnston, eds.  Ann Arbor:  University of Michigan Press. 

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  Highton, B. 2005. “Self-Reported Versus Proxy-Reported Voter Turnout in the Current Population Survey.”  Public Opinion Quarterly 69:113-123.

  Wolfinger, R., B. Highton and M. Mullin.  2005.  “How Postregistration Laws Affect the Turnout of Registrants.” State Politics and Policy Quarterly 5:1–23.

  Highton, B (co-authored with 15 others). 2005. “Challenges Facing the American Electoral System: Research Priorities for the Social Sciences.” National Research Commission on Elections and Voting.  Social Science Research Council.  

  Highton, B (co-authored with 5 others). 2004. “Interim Report on Alleged Irregularities in the United States Presidential Election of 2 November 2004.” National Research Commission on Elections and Voting.  Social Science Research Council.  

  Highton, B. 2004.  "Voter Registration and Turnout in the United States.”  Perspectives on Politics 2:507-515.

  Highton, B. 2004. “Policy Voting in Senate Elections: The Case of Abortion.”  Political Behavior 26:181-200.

  Highton, B. 2004. “White Voters and African American Candidates for Congress.”  Political Behavior 26:1-25.

  Highton, B. 2002. “Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and the 1998 Congressional Elections.”  Public Opinion Quarterly 66:1-18.  

  Highton, B. and A. Burris. 2002.  “New Perspectives on Latino Voter Turnout in the United States.” American Politics Research 30:285-306.

  Citrin, J. and B. Highton. 2002. How Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration Shape the California Electorate.  San Francisco, CA:  Public Policy Institute of California.

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Highton, B. (co-authored with 4 others). 1993. California Latina/Latino Demographic Data Book.  California Policy Seminar.  <e-copy not available>

Highton, B. (co-authored with 3 others). 1992. Latina/Latino Public Opinion Data Book.  California Policy Seminar.  <e-copy not available>