IR Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions that students frequently ask about the International Relations major.


  • How do I make an International Relations (IR) advising appointment?

  • Advising for International Relations is available by appointment ( and takes place in 464 Kerr Hall or remotely via Zoom. Additionally, peer advising is available, but hours change quarterly. Students with a mandatory major advising hold must schedule an appointment with a major advisor. 
  • How do I make an academic plan?

  • Students are strongly advised to draft an academic plan for an advisor's review prior to coming in for advising. You can submit or save a draft of an academic plan under the "Forms & Petitions" tab in the Online Advising Student Information System (OASIS).
  • Can I minor in International Relations?

  • The International Relations program does not include a minor track. We do sponsor a War/Peace Studies minor that is very similar to IR Track 2. Learn more about the War-Peace Studies minor and requirements. You also can search all minors available at UC Davis. 


  • Am I allowed to take International Relations courses on a pass/no pass basis?

  • Yes, IR courses may be taken pass/no pass, but students are advised to do so sparingly. Read about UC Davis conditions and restrictions for P/NP courses.
  • Why can't I enroll in an IR-required but major-restricted course from another department during my Pass 1?

  • Some of the departments that contribute courses to the IR major requirements allow only students majoring in their programs to enroll in their upper division courses during pass 1. For example, only Sociology majors may enroll in upper division SOC classes during pass 1. These restrictions are lifted during pass 2, at which time you will be able to enroll or request addition to a waiting list. No exceptions can be made to this restriction policy. To find out if a course you want has such an enrollment restriction, check the course detail information in Schedule Builder, the Registrar's Office web-based class planning and registration tool that allows you to plan your class schedule and register for classes.
  • How many courses do I need to take to fulfill the foreign language requirement?

  • The International Relations Advising Handbook contains information about the foreign language requirement. However, the requirement is based on language proficiency rather than on the number of courses completed. If you are fluent in a language other than English or have previously enrolled in language study, you can take an assessment test through which you may possibly fulfill the requirement completely, even if the language is one not taught at UC Davis. Learn more about UC Davis Language Center foreign language placement and proficiency examinations

Careers and Graduate School

  • What career opportunities does a major in International Relations offer?

  • International Relations majors have advanced to fulfilling careers in just about every field. We have prepared a career-planning brochure that, while not comprehensive, lists some possible options and opportunities for you to consider.
  • Where can I find information related to graduate programs?

  • Visit the pre-professional advisor at the Student Academic Success Center (SASC) in 111 South Hall or Health Professions Advising in 1011 Sciences Lab Building.