Political Science News

UCD School of Law Program for Undergrads to Learn about Law School Admissions

In the past, our majors have participated and benefitted from participation in KHOP, which "is designed to equip high-potential undergraduate students from underrepresented communities with the skills necessary to excel in the law school admissions process, while also introducing students to current law students, lawyers, and faculty members at UC Davis School of Law.  If you are interested in a career in law, consider applying."

Incoming Graduate Students for Fall 2022

The department is delighted to welcome our incoming graduate students who are joining us this year: Simona Celik, Anissa Joseph, Miranda Keller, Zeynep Koseoglu, Amanda Loehrke, Humberto Mendez Valadez, Shreya Murthy, Anthony Tran Nguyen, Rekai Rusinga, and Matthew Weber.

Prof. Young on support for vigilante groups in Mexico

Professor Lauren Young has published an article in the Journal of Peace Research on "Anger and Support for Retribution in Mexico’s Drug War."  Young and her coauthors argue that emotional reactions to crime lead civilians to support vigilante violence. An analysis based on data from Western Mexico shows that crimes with victims who are perceived as innocents — not necessarily the more severe violence — are the most likely to spark outrage and support for vigilante violence. 


Prof. Shugart Dubious about Andrew Yang's New Political Party

In the Christian Science Monitor, Prof. Matthew Shugart says that Andrew Yang “has asked us to ‘imagine’ a political party with no ideology and no special interest ties. . . .  That’s just not how successful political parties are built.”  Full article here.  

Profs. Kinne and Maoz on "Structural Imbalance in Domestic Political Networks"

Profs. Kinne and Maoz have a forthcoming article in the Journal of Politics on "Local Politics, Global Consequences: How Structural Imbalance in Domestic Political Networks Affects International Relations."  From the Abstract: "We develop . . . a networks-of-networks approach [that] . . . . shows that the greater the imbalance generated by domestic events, the greater the probability that those events will affect foreign relations."

Faculty Methods Search is Underway

We are now searching to hire a colleague at the Assistant or Associate Professor level in Methods with an initial review date of October 3, 2022.  The job listing is here.