Study Abroad


Why Study Abroad?

The IR curriculum allows students to develop a theoretical understanding of international transactions, but it is very important for IR students to develop a practical understanding of these interactions as well. A study abroad experience is the IR student's laboratory in which they become immersed in a non-U.S. culture, gaining a new perspective on international relations.  

Global Learning and the Area Studies Requirement

Track I, II and III students who choose to take advantage of an education abroad experience of at least four weeks in duration may fulfill the Area Studies requirement by completing three courses instead of four.

UC Davis Global Learning

UC Davis and the International Relations major are committed to preparing the next generation of global Problem solvers and change makers. As such, we want to prepare you to thrive in an interdependent world and solve global challenges collaboratively, equitably, and sustainably. The Global Learning Hub is an office on campus that wants to see students engage in global learning experiences before they graduate. 

Types of Global Learning Opportunities

The Global Learning Hub offers programs, workshops and resources that enhance your academic and career pursuits through four broad areas of opportunity:

The Global Learning Hub also offers many opportunities for students to engage global learning virtually. 

Key Resources
  • The Global Learning Programs Search Tool allows students to quickly and easily search programs related to their global learning interests. Students can search by program type, term, region of the world, or subject area. 
  • The Scholarships & Funding Search Tool allows student to filter funding opportunities based on programs, degree level, term, subject region of the world or type of award. 
  • The Major Advising Pages (MAPS) list popular or recommended study abroad programs for each major and/or academic subject area. Please note that options for students in all cases are more extensive than listed. 
Upcoming Events
  • The Fall Global Learning Showcase is designed for all UC Davis students to explore the many global learning opportunities available through the Global Learning Hub. This is a great opportunity to connect with other students and staff, learn about study abroad, internships, research, on-campus and community opportunities, skill and leadership building, funding and more. 
  • The annual Global Learning Conference provides students with the opportunity to articulate and market their global learning perspectives, network with potential employers, showcase their experiences, and hear from seasoned professionals in a variety of fields. 
  • The Global Career Develpment Series is a series that provides students with global professional development resources and opportunities. Events are ongoing and open to all students. You may access previously recorded events, too. 
Contact Us

Visit the Global Learning Hub website at to learn more about programs, resources, and ways to get involved. You can also reach out to us by email at, or by phone at (530) 752-5713. 

Meet with your major advisor early to explore global learning and how it will fit into your academic plan.