Study Abroad

All International Relations (IR) majors are strongly encouraged to study abroad for at least one quarter.

International experience is becoming more and more critical for all fields of study, and International Relations is no exception. As the world gets more and more globalized, the ability to tackle political, social, and economic problems cross-culturally will continue to become increasingly important.

Many different opportunities exist — two-week Seminars Abroad, Summer Abroad, Internships Abroad, Quarter Abroad, and year-long immersion programs at foreign universities all over the globe. The key is to start early and plan ahead! Financial Aid goes with you, and your IRE advisors (along with advisors at Study Abroad) are here to help you make it happen.

Why Study Abroad?

The IR curriculum allows students to develop a theoretical understanding of international transactions, but it is very important for IR students to develop a practical understanding of these interactions as well. A study abroad experience is the IR student's laboratory in which he or she becomes immersed in a non-U.S. culture, gaining a new perspective on international relations. IR students who choose Track IV are required to study or do an internship abroad for a minimum of one quarter.

Study Abroad and the Area Studies Requirement

Track I, II and III students who choose to take advantage of an education abroad experience of at least four weeks in duration may fulfill the Area Studies requirement by completing three courses instead of four.

UC Davis Study Abroad

In most cases, IR students arrange study abroad opportunities through the Global Learning Hub office. IR students should plan to attend one of the half-hour “First Step” workshops the GLH conducts regularly for students interested in studying abroad. UC Davis Global Learning Hub maintains a page of recommended programs for students in International Relations. The application deadlines for study abroad programs range from 3 to 12 months prior to departure, so do your research with the Education Abroad Center and drop by to discuss your plans with an IR advisor early.

Education Abroad Advising in IR

Katy Pattison conducts the study abroad advising for the major. Beginning with their freshman year, students planning to study abroad should consult regularly with Katy to ensure that they meet major requirements without delaying their graduation.