Josephine Andrews

Josephine Andrews Portrait

Position Title
Associate Professor

681 Kerr Hall
1 Shields Avenue, Davis CA 95616


  • Ph.D., Government, Harvard University. 1997
  • M.A., Political Science, New York University, 1988
  • B.A., English, Stanford University. 1982

Research Focus

Implications of executive structure and strength on corruption. Using an original index of executive power that rates presidents and prime ministers, Andrews and Bairett are studying the implications of executive structure and strength on democratic performance in Europe. Adapting coding from the Comparative Constitutions Project, Andrews and Montinola are studying the relationship between executive structure and strength and corruption in emerging democracies. Extending Conrad and Golder’s data on cabinet duration, Andrews and Rasho are studying the impact of executive strength and cohabitation on cabinet duration in Central and Eastern Europe.


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