International Applicants

Fees and Information for International applicants.

Please note: The figures quoted below reflect information available at the time this document was prepared. 

The Graduate Program of Political Science believes a student’s first priority should be their studies. With this in mind, we work to insure that all of our students have the appropriate financial support in order to allow them the freedom to focus on their personal scholarship. We generally offer comprehensive funding packaged for the duration of our standard time to degree through a combination of fellowships, and employment opportunities.

For more information please contact Jennifer Larr, the Graduate Program Coordinator.

  • Estimated cost per year

  • For an international student the estimated cost per year at UC Davis is $55,800. This sum covers fees, tuition and living expenses.
    The most common kind of financial assistance a new international student is likely to receive is a Teaching Assistantship ("TAship") and / or a Nonresident Tuition Fellowship. 

  • Graduate Student Fees

  • All graduate students (international and domestic) must pay "Graduate Student Fees." 

    Current Tuition and Fees

    (Graduate Student Fees are reduced for Teaching Assistants)

  • Non-Resident Tuition Fee

  • In addition to Graduate Student Fees, international students (and domestic students who are not California residents) must pay the "Non-Resident Tuition Fee":

  • Decisions

  • Admission and financial aid decisions about many international student applicants probably will not be made until sometime after March 1 because many applications are received and need to be compared, in order to admit the best applicants. The department can not predict exactly how soon decisions will be made, but applicants will be informed after decisions have been made.

    Required Forms

    The formal admission letter you receive from the Graduate Admissions Office will direct you to the Services for International Students and Scholars website, where you can find a "UC Davis Request for I-20 / DS-2019 Form." International students are required to fill that out and submit it, indicating that they can afford $55,800 for their first year at UC Davis, before the university will send them another form (such as I-20) needed to order a visa to come to Davis ($55,800 is the estimated cost of the first year at UC Davis for international students). Consult that website for full instructions and information.

    If you have received a financial aid offer:

    Indicate on the "UC Davis Request for I-20 / DS-2019 Form" that you have received the aid offer and send a photocopy of your aid offer letter along with it when you mail it back to the university, to prove that you have been offered that amount of aid. Subtract the total amount of the aid offer from the $55,800 and also indicate on the form that you can afford to pay the remaining balance.  Also, if you received a multi-year aid offer, be careful to subtract only the amounts of the aid offer that are for your first year.